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One of the really sad
things that happens in life

is when we find
ourselves in a

state of severe regret
over some tragedy

that has occured
to us right now.

”How could this have happened?”
”How come I didn’t know?”

It’s not like we
were so naive…

No one sold us diamonds
at a dollar fifty

a carat…No
one made us think

that someone who had died
is still alive somewhere.

But for some strange
awful reason:

we have allowed something
to happen in our lives

which surely did
not have to be.

And when it is made clear
to us how we went wrong:

it’s with sadness
that our heads nod.

It’s too late to correct.
We can advise others

not to make the
same dumb mistake,

but that does not return
to our lives what we’ve lost.

And where am I
going with this?

You have probably guessed!
No one who has gotten

ill from smoking
is so foolish

as to say, “Hey, that’s cool!
I have sure enjoyed it;

and that I’m ill
is no big deal.

We have to die sometime!”
I’ve talked to many folks…

And no one’s told
me that b.s.

What they’ve told… is regret
that the thing has happened.

‘Till tomorrow…
it’s Humbler Acts.

Copyright mmxi by Humbler Acts


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