A Thought Provoking Tip
About Stopping Smoking:

I am Humbler Acts, your future
stop smoking guide— with a tip
for stopping smoking: pretend
you’ve become a candidate for
office of “NO SMOKING!” Your
job is to win the support of each
force in your body that’s allowed
one vote. You need “YES!” votes.
You campaign hard for them.

After you speak on all the great
things that will happen to them
when they vote for you, you
stand by while they vote. If it
turned out all the forces voted
for the bad guy, MISTER KEEP
ON SMOKING, you then discard
your plan to get the voters’ approval;
and you renounce use of politics
and become a tough administrative

Instead of asking for votes, you
tell your body forces: ‘This is how
it will be’: You simply force on
them your new rule that is “NO
SMOKING!” My underground
method will teach you how to
the real law!